Valideo is a voluntary Sustainable Construction certification system.

Certification covers:

  • buildings: new builds or refurbishments
  • the capabilities of organizations to design and construct sustainable buildings

Valideo is designed to provide a tangible return over the long-term for both the occupant and the owner.

The goal of Valideo is to improve the quality, comfort and social & environmental impact of a building and the expertise of an organization in these fields.

Valideo offers a global approach to construction; from design to re-allocation, making it unique in the world of certification of Sustainable Construction.

Valideo positioning

Valideo is the result of a partnership between three leading players: SECO, BCCA and BBRI. Using a rigorous and innovative methodology, Valideo guarantees a leading Sustainable Construction certification.

The procedure for attaining the Valideo label is completely defined in a certification scheme. It is split into two components and is managed by two separate organizations.

Control certification split

Valideo attestation and certification are based on a referential. Those evaluation schemes enclose all the important themes with regard to Sustainable Construction. The Valideo referential offers a number of specific schemes for: office buildings, residential complexes, etc.

Specific building - organisation models



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